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01 Mar Comparing Relative Size Of The V2 Everyday Bag Line
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If you've made it to this article, you've probably got some questions on which size Everyday bag is right for you. So we've assembled the dimension guides for every bag in the line right here in one handy article. A quick note before we dive in: In the graphics below, all bags have their size in their name (20L, 30L, etc.), except the Totes. Tote v..
01 Mar Comparing Example Load-Outs of the V2 Everyday Bag Line
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One of the most common questions we get is "will bag X fit items A, B, and C?"Try as we may, we cannot write a help article that gives you a definitive answer for every bag/item combination out there. But we can give you some specific examples, and with those examples it should be a lot easier for you to tell which bag is right for you.You can find..
08 Nov How to Clean Your Peak Design Product
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How To Clean Your Peak Design Got a smudge, stain, or just a mud-streaked mess on your gear? First, well done! Peak Design gear likes to get dirty. Now, let's make it clean. Here’s our advice on doing so: CLEANING EVERYDAY & TRAVEL BAGS Hand-wash with warm water. Many of our fabrics are treated with anti-absorption agents like DWR or polyurethane..
24 Jun Patrick Uy
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Patrick Uy is a Manila-based photographer with 30 years of experience in fashion, wedding, food, travel, and commercial photography. He is a past president of two of the country's most distinguished photography organizations - Camera Club of the Philippines, and Advertising Photographers of the Philippines.His passion for photography began in colle..
08 Jun Kamille Ann Manginsay
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Kamille Ann C. Manginsay, or as her friends call her Kam, is a 26-year old self-taught photographer and filmmaker based in Manila, Philippines.With a degree of Entrepreneurship from De La Salle University, Kam always believed that aside from creating and innovating new products and services, creatively using visual storytelling is an important role..
27 May What's New with Everyday Line V2?
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The Everyday Line of backpacks and bags is Peak Design's most iconic and popular product line. We launched our first (v1) Everyday Bags in 2015-16. In late 2019, we launched the Everyday Line v2. This article will show you the difference between v1 and v2 Everyday Bags. We'll refer to the product lines as "EDL1" and "EDL2" for short. Check out th..
27 May Using Clutch with Mirrorless and other small cameras
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Small cameras can be tough to hold, and in some cases, Clutch can be a big help in letting you get a comfortable grip. However, while we did our best to accommodate working with as many mirrorless cameras as we could, there are some limitations that you should be aware of when considering Clutch. Clutch does not work well if the following conditi..
27 May Everyday Line Laptop and Tablet Sizing Guide
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Questions about laptop and tablet compatibility with our bags? Every product page has a "Specs" section with detailed measurements. To make it easier for you, we collected them all in one place below.Everyday Line 2LaptopTabletEveryday Backpack 30L15/16-inch Macbook Pro or most 16” laptops (16" x 10.8" x 1.5")12.9-inch iPad Pro (12.04" x 8.69" x 0...
27 May Compare the Straps
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Peak Design has the most expansive line of camera straps for all your needs and applications. The chart below outlines some essential attributes of each product. We hope that this article can aid you in deciding which strap to get.SLIDESLIDE LITELEASHCLUTCHWorld's finest professional camera sling strap. Wearable as sling, neck or shoulder strap. In..
27 May Choosing the Right Everyday Bag For You
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Not sure which Everyday Bag is best suited for your needs? We made a detailed video to help you make the right choice: Use the timestamps below to skip to the part you care most about: 1:08 - sizes and color-ways 1:47 - new features across the everyday line v2 2:58 - backpack comparison overview 3:49 - backpack access 4:35 - backpack laptop..
27 May Perry Chua
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Perry Chua's photographic journey is an interesting one. It was during his honeymoon trip in 2003 that sparked his interest in photography. This interest turned into a hobby which led him to take a basic lighting workshop in 2005. Soon, he discovered his interest in "PhoTOYgraphy" - a term he used to describe using photography to bring toys to life..
27 May Noel Guevara
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Noel Guevara is an adventure, conservation, and wildlife photographer/director based in Manila, Philippines. His experience in producing content and creating visual stories spans more than 18 years, starting with the founding of his design firm, Burnwater Design Studios in 1998 to more recently, directing TVCs and online videos. Currently, Noel has..
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