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Peak Design just never stops dishing out surprises. 

When the lens kit was released, along with the CaptureLens, I told myself I had to get one these to see if they will fit my workflow. The product in review here is the Peak Design Lens Kit. Since I already have the Capture device, there’s no need for me the get the Capture Lens which comes with the Lens Kit and Capture device. 

I have been a Think Tank user for many years. I like how their products are functional and durable. I own several of the pouches that go along with almost all my Nikon glasses. They have been the staple whenever I go on location assignments. I would basically pull a roller full of lenses stuffed in these pouches. When I arrive at a destination, I would simply pick the lenses/pouches and attach them on my ThinkTank Pro Speed Belt. 

Hence, when I saw Peak Design’s Lens Kit, I gave it careful thought before I make the plunge. The Lens Kit is kind of a new paradigm on how I would carry and switch lenses on location. Unlike my Think Tank pouches, its got no zippers and rain covers. Obviously, it doesn’t protect my lenses like how my pouches would. It takes a while for me to appreciate its benefits.

These are what I like most about the product.


Is it secure?
Yes. Once you hear the “click” it means your lens is not going anywhere. The product is solidly-built. Imagine carrying a camera with a lens attached across your body, only this time, there is no camera - just the Lens Kit and your lenses.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. As soon as you are able to accept the new paradigm, changing lenses becomes easy and fluid. Compared to pouches, this is definitely so much easier and faster to change lenses.

Will it work with big lenses?

Mostly Yes. Technically it works with any lenses. However, it will obviously be heavy and cumbersome if you are dealing with large lenses plus their large hoods.

Can you change lenses with just one hand?

Yes, if you are using it along with the Capture Device as the whole thing stays firmly in place. But if you are using the Lens Kit as a shoulder carry, it may be difficult to change with one hand as the whole thing tends swings back and forth.

Does it protect your lens?

If you mean from getting scratched or bumped, the answer is an obvious “No.” But since I carry my Lens Kit across my front chest, there’s little to worry about. 

Who is it made for?

For everyday, event and wedding photographers and videographers who use prime and medium telephoto lenses who would benefit from its fast and easy lens switching technology.

Who is it not made for?

Photographers who use heavy and super telephoto lenses should stay away from this as it will be heavy and cumbersome to manage.

Here are the product up close.

Solidly-Built. Made from glass-reinforced nylon with machined aluminum bayonet mounts. Lifetime warranty.

Capture-ready. You can attach this to the Peak Capture Device or carry this on your shoulder. There are 2 points/strap lugs for you to connect.

Here's another metal strap lug/connection point.

Release Button is visible and easy to press. Align dots and red marks are also clearly marked and visible.

Package comes with 2 caps to cover the mounts when not in use, 2 anchor links, microfiber pouch, sticker, instruction manual.

All points connected with the Peak Anchor links. These Anchor Links are super strong.

I will be using my Nikon 85/1.4 and 135/2 Lenses on the Peak Lens Kit. Once the lens is attached to the lens kit, it feels secure.

I have attached a Peak Leash and carry the Lens Kit across the front of my chest.

After an afternoon shoot, you get the hang off it it. Muscle memory kicks in and I remember where to press the release button. Eventually everything becomes very fluid.

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