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Posted by Ann 15/10/2015 0 Comment(s) Insights,Reviews,

Peak Design Camera StrapsIf there is one camera accessory that we can't definitely do without, it's the camera strap. In fact, it's the only accessory that comes together with every new camera purchase. That's why it makes a lot of sense why this essential accessory has been the most innovated and re-designed among all camera accessories. Now, there's all sorts of camera straps in the market - from quick-release, slings, leather and even straps that doubles as camera wraps

Peak Design isn't just another camera strap. It's quite revolutionary. It has, in my own opinion, addressed my greatest concern in camera straps - versatility. I have several cameras and I use them depending on what photography occasion I will be in. If it's a professional assignment where I will be using the "big guns," I know I need a strap that would give me the best support and comfort all day long. If it's a family get-together or dinner with friends, I simply bring my Fuji X100s or XT1 with a slim strap attached that I know will not take much bag space. In other words, the choice of which straps I use depends on the purpose of my photographic pursuits. I have used all sorts of strap before Peak came along but none of them gives me the versatility I was seeking in a strap. I want to be able to switch straps from one camera to the other with ease. I want to be able to quickly remove the straps before putting my cameras in the dry cabinet so as to prevent the straps from accidentally snagging other gears and lenses. I haven't found anything until Peak came along.


Peak Design's revolutionary patented anchor system, in my opinion, has addressed my greatest concern. This unique system makes a lot of sense. It allows me to easily switch straps. I use the Peak Slide for my heavy camera on professional assignments in which support and maximum comfort are of the paramount importance. More of my insights on Slide here. On the other hand, I would use the Peak Leash for my smaller and lighter cameras. The Leash is slim and barely takes any space in the bag. It's the perfect strap for my event and candid street photography. More of my insights on Leash here.

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