The Marvelous Ztylus iPhone Case

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The Ztylus iPhone case is created for the “Phone Photographer.” It is touted to be "the world’s first and only multifunctional iPhone case” because it combines a full-fledged phone case and 4 lenses in one package. This product couldn’t come at a better time as the current iPhone camera is able to contend or even surpass many “point-and-shoot” cameras. Starting with iPhone 5, Apple has created a breakthrough technology in the photography market and the Ztylus team is attempting to make it even better. Skip to the conclusion if you wish to know my final thoughts about the product. Otherwise, spare me an additional 5 minutes as I dive into the details. 

As phone case

I just love this case. It’s very well-built. Looks sleek and elegant. Feels rock-solid and very well integrated with my iPhone 6 Plus. I have taken actual photos of it after several months of use. This way, you’ll get an idea how this products stands up to day-to-day use.

Let’s talk about the looks first. The Ztylus phone case is sleek as it does not try to veer away from an already beautiful shape and contours of the iPhone. There are no extraneous designs; all parts, cuts, contours are intentional and beautifully-executed. In fact, I have had a few inquiries and comments from strangers at coffee shops when they notice the elegant duo-tone leather-textured case. The case weighs just 62 grams and provides a slim yet solid all-around protection to the phone. Charging port and speaker grilles are easily accessible yet protected by the CNC-machined aluminum bottom piece that is easily detached by its locking screw. The integrated metal kickstand is solid and not flimsy. A small magnet keeps it nicely tucked on the removable disc when not in use. I also noticed that the phone’s main camera is also nicely protected by the case.

The case holds securely in my hand. Grip on the sides feels rock-solid. After months of use, I fell in love with this case.

The Revolver Lens Device

This is the part that differentiates the Ztylus from all the rest. By twisting the mounting disc off the case and attaching the Revolver Lens device, the case is now transformed into a completely different tool. It enables my iPhone to easily switch to any of the four (4) photographic functions - Wide, Macro, Fish Eye, Polarizing Filter. This ingenious device is a marvel to look at. It’s no bigger than a powder kit (not that I own one) but stored inside this part-metal part-plastic chassis are these useful gems / lens filters for the avid phone photographer or “Instagrammer.” Using it is actually very easy and simple. Lenses are chosen by simply rotating the chassis to select one’s desired lens. You would know which lens is selected as it positively clicks into place. Afterwards, flip out the lens filter and swivel it over the camera’s lens. That's it.

The Revolver Lens Attachment is amazing. I’d wish it had been built entirely in metal but then it will be too heavy. I always bring the Revolver Lens Device in my bag and have found it very useful in many occasions. I have taken better group photos and find no image degradation using it. The CPL (Circular Polarizing Filter) came to rescue several times when I had to take out some unwated glare and reflection during impromptu product shoots. I rarely use the Fisheye and had wish that a Telephoto lens be installed in its stead. But I know that is not even possible, as the Telephoto will take too much space. The Revolver device has a nice strap lug (the Ztylus case comes with one as well) which I have also used in several occasions when I wanted to wear it around my neck for instant access. Exercise care and this devices should extend to several phone upgrades. Ztylus claims that you can keep this Revolver device and just change the phone case when an upgrade is needed. I am extremely satisfied with this product.


Ztylus did it. I am a bonafide Ztylus Fan. I have used it for several months and have never taken another look at another case. As a phone case, it’s extremely well-built and elegant. I am completely confident that my phone is safe with it. The case alone is well worth it.

But what makes Ztylus special is its “Revolver Lens” attachment. It has extended my photographic options with my iPhone. I have used it for both Photo and Video recording with ease. It has come to my rescue many times when I needed to take a big group photo or an impromptu product/still shot. I carry this wherever I go as its extremely portable and lightweight. If you are someone, like me, whose passion is capturing those fleeting moments but finds even the smallest compact camera cumbersome, then look no further. This is as portable and compact as it can get. After all, it’s the iPhone we are talking about it. Ztylus just made this proposition oh so much better.

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