Reign that Neck Strap!

Posted by Ann 13/10/2015 0 Comment(s) Tips,

Don't you feel like it's an accident waiting to happen whenever you store your camera back into the dry cabinet with its long neck strap? This may not be the case if you're using those gun/sling straps where you can easily remove the strap.


However, like many, I am not fond of those sling straps. Now without "quick-release" buckles, I am forced to store the camera along with the strap. Putting it in the dry cabinet is not the problem, it's getting it out - because that neck strap snags on lenses on its way out. Not a good way to start your shooting day… hay.


Simple solution: Use a cable hock 'n loop (velcro) to tidy up your neck strap before parking it in the dry cab. This way, the strap is nice and short and you cut the risk of any likelihood that it'll snag onto something. Once you're all hot and ready to shoot, release the cable velcro and unravel your strap. Your cable velcro doesn't need to go anywhere - just wind up onto itself around your neck strap so that when you're ready to call it a day, you can easily tidy up that strap again. Simple and useful. Just sharing.

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