Is your stock camera strap good enough?

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Camera straps - all cameras already come with a generic one. But is a stock camera strap good enough for such pricey and precious equipment?


It depends on your definition of good.

If you're looking to save money on accessories by getting the bare minimum, or if you won’t be using your camera often or for extended periods, then sure it's good. But if you're looking for more, qualities like comfort, versatility, etc., then you could do better.




If you plan on taking your camera with you on trips or long events, you'll realize that comfort is a big deal. A good camera strap should be able to distribute the weight evenly, regardless of the strap’s width.

You should also take a look at the strap’s padding. How’s the quality? Is the padding sufficient enough for your needs?




A good strap should make life easier for photographers. Quick-release capability is one of the most important features to look at when considering versatility. It allows you to easily detach your strap for storage or to attach other straps to quickly adapt to any situation. 

Another thing to consider is the length of the strap and if you can adjust it to conform to your needs. Being able to adjust the strap quickly also plays a big factor, especially when you have to move around or adjust the length to adapt to different circumstances.



Needless to say, durability is an extremely important feature. Not to stay that the standard strap that comes with your camera isn’t durable, but you could definitely do better. A strap that’s durable enough to carry your gear, especially heavy gear, for extended periods is a necessity. 



Last but not least, does your strap make you look good? This may seem like a shallow thing to consider, but brand does speak volumes, especially if you’re a pro photographer or looking to go pro. Certain brands just project an image of professionalism, which is important if you’re looking to build trust and make your name in the game. Whether you hate it or not, people will judge a book by its cover. 




What we think is the best

Now that you know the features that make up a good camera strap, we can’t let you leave without actually recommending a great strap or two. Our holy grail straps are made by Peak Design (we’ll link the local PH retailers here), a company you may have already heard of.

Peak Design straps are our favorite simply because they tick every requirement we mentioned earlier. They’re extremely comfy, smooth, and distribute weight evenly. Their unique Anchor Links system allows for quick, but safe, release or connection and their adjuster hardware allows for seamless length adjustment. Some of their straps can even be worn in multiple ways, such as the Peak Slide (which you can use as a neck strap, sling strap, or shoulder strap). 

Since their straps are made of seatbelt style material, they’re ultra durable without being too bulky or heavy, which allows you to freely move about and do your thing. Don’t let size fool you as well. Though the Anchors seem small, they can actually hold up to 200 pounds (90 kg), so they can easily hold heavy pro equipment. 

Peak straps are definitely not lacking in the looks department as well. Their sleek, no-frills design look elegant and professional. If you’re concerned about coordinating your strap to your outfit, Peak’s straps are practically headache free. They come in two classic colors (black and ash gray) so you can just throw them on and step out.
If we haven’t convinced you yet, we’ve saved the best bit for last.

All Peak Design products come with a lifetime warranty. Yes, lifetime. Hooked? You can quickly order one today here.


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