Cradle your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Posted by Ann 20/01/2016 0 Comment(s) Reviews,

The Apple Bluetooth Keyboard that comes staple with the iMac has been the envy of many desktop machines for many years. Undoubtedly, it has inherited the vision of Apple to be always at the forefront of technologies. It's not only compact, it's sleek.

But I am not here to review the keyboard. Instead, I would like to talk about this accessory that makes this keyboard even better - the Samdi Bamboo Apple Keyboard Tray. This tray is purposely-built to cradle the Apple Bluetooth keyboard beautifully. It's made from layers of natural Bamboo and machine-routed to perfection. As a keyboard cradle, it slightly inclines the keyboard; provides extra palm rest, and adds that extra weight that sets the keyboard better on the table. The tray also has routed channels for storing extra batteries, name cards, a small ruler and clips.

In my opinion, the Samdi Bamboo Apple Keyboard tray is a must if you have the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. It's one of those things that not only look beautiful but functional as well.


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