Pixel Wrench

Pixel Wrench

Funny how Graphic Designers keep getting new jobs attached to our job descriptions, huh? Now digital cameras are everywhere, and it's no longer enough to be a retouching guru, but now you have to be a pinch-hit photographer and color balancing expert too. Will this madness never end?

But since ours is not to reason why, you now have a new wrench in your toolbox ... the Galaxy Pixel Wrench. Its job is to make sure you have the correct color balance in your digital photographs, and your scans. Photograph or scan the Pixel Wrench calibration charts, adjust them in Photoshop to ideal color, and use that calibration on the other files. Pixel Wrench also can help you color correct photographs with step-by-step instructions and Color Anchors.

Years ago, before digital cameras, it took years of practice to learn how to properly color-correct a photo. Now auto white balance shifts much of the need for color correction to the camera. But if you have ever wanted to tweak the color balances of an image to give it extra clarity and pop, this tool and a bit of practice will do wonders.

It's not easy to learn all of this, but Pixel Wrench makes it as easy as possible. Use this link to get current information on creating a proper color adjustment curve with your new Pixel Wrench tool, and to get the Pixel Wrench Monitor Calibration file.


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