Galaxy Gauge Ultra Precision

Galaxy Gauge Ultra Precision

The Ultraprecision is the nanoparticle in the Galaxy Universe. It is small enough to fit in your wallet. Pretty useless? Maybe useless for a newspaper layout, but perfect for pharmaceutical, engineering and other tiny work. The Ultraprecision is capable of precise measurement with an accuracy surpassing every other commercially-available ruler, and since it is manufacture-traceable to the U.S. Bureau of Standards, we can make this statement: The Ultraprecision is readable to 0.005 inch, and accurate to 0.00042 inch. Who would need such precision? Scientists armed with microscopes and magnifiers, photogrammetrists, graphic design perfectionists. 

Measures about 3.5" x 2"

Ultraprecision includes:

  1. Fractional milimeter
  2. Fractional points/picas
  3. Decimal inch
  4. Unit conversion
  5. Micro type sizes
  6. Micro leading


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