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Peak Capture

The all-new Capture is the most secure, convenient, accessible way to carry your camera, period. Unl..

₱ 4,600.00

Peak Capture (Clip only)

The all-new Capture clip only SKU is finally here. Thanks to feedback and suggestions from our custo..

₱ 3,250.00

Peak Dual Plate

Dual Plate lets you remove your Camera from Capture (sold separately) and stick it directly into mos..

₱ 1,900.00

Peak Pro Pad V2

Drastically increase your comfort and stability when using Capture with even the heaviest of camera/..

₱ 1,650.00

Peak Standard Plate

Standard Plate is the camera plate that comes with Capture. It works with most ARCA-type tripods, fi..

₱ 1,650.00

Peak Lens Kit

Changing lenses in one of the most common workflows in photography. It's also one of the most frustr..

₱ 2,800.00

Peak P.O.V. Kit

The world's most versatile and durable GoPro® mount. P.O.V. Kit (along with the Capture clip - sold ..

₱ 2,200.00

Peak Long Clamping Bolts

A set of 2 long clamping bolts for Capture (v2 models only), CapturePRO, CaptureBINO and CaptureP.O...

₱ 850.00 ₱ 520.00

Peak Anchor 4-pack

A pack of 4 of our newly updated Anchor™ attachments for use any Peak Design camera strap Anchor Lin..

₱ 850.00

Peak Anchor Links

Got a camera neck strap that you absolutely love? The all-new Anchor Links will make it even better...

₱ 1,300.00

Peak Anchor Mount

Attach your Peak Design strap (or any standard OEM neck/hand strap) directly to the bottom of your c..

₱ 850.00

Peak Bolt Pack

Bolt Pack contains 2 replacement sets of clamping bolts for Capture: one pair of thumb-drive bolts w..

₱ 850.00