Peak Shell

Peak Shell

Protect your camera from water, snow, dust and abrasion, whether it's in your hands, on the tripod, on your backpack or in your bag. Shell's unique form-fitting design uses stretchy fabric with waterproof membrane to keep your camera safe without adding bulk or impeding your workflow. Use Shell with the Capture Camera Clip or any Peak Design strap (sold separately) to keep your camera accessible in any environment.

Check out our Sizing Chart to determine which would be the correct Shell size you need.


  • Ultralight, Form-fitting rain and dust cover for all cameras: Available in 3 sizes for a snug fit with almost any camera/lens combo
  • Stretchable: 4-way stretch fabric is seam-taped to resist rain, snow, dust and abrasion
  • Convenient: Access viewfinder and controls without removing
  • Works with Capture Camera Clip or standalone
  • Anchor Ports: Allows use with any Peak Design strap
  • Secure: Completely cinches closed for safe camera stowage
  • Small Footprint: Packs down small into its built storage pocket
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts
  • SKU/Part Number: SH-X-
  • Weight: 113g


    Shell Size

    • Mirrrorless cameras with any size lens*
    • Crop-sensor DSLRS with kit or small prime lens, and no battery grip
    • Crop-sensor DSLRs with any size lens* and/or battery grip.
    • Full-frame DSLRs with lenses as long as a 24-70 f2.8 and no battery grip (Ex: Canon 7D, 5D, Nikon D7xxxx, Nikon D6xx-8xx, etc. with Lens ex: Any prime lens, wide-angle lens, Nikon/Canon 24-70 f2.8, or any tele/zoom lens that is shorter than 5 in (127 mm) in the closed position without the lens hood on.
    • Full-frame DSLRs with any size lens* and/or battery grip. (Ex: Canon 7D, 5D, Nikon D7xxxx, Nikon D6xx-8xx, etc., and Lens ex: Nikon/Canon 70-200 f2.8, any tele/zoom lens 300mm+
    • Flagship DSLRs with any size lens* (Ex: Canon 1D, Nikon D4)

    * A telephoto zoom lens like 70-200 or its equivalent will require the next size bigger. If you're using 600mm+ lenses, Shell will fit around your camera body but will not cover your entire lens.

    Also note that we have not tested Shell on medium-format camera bodies. Shell is designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, so we don't currently recommend it on other kinds of cameras. If you find that it works on any medium/large format cameras, please let us know!

    Color / Scheme Black

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