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Peak Cuff

Total peace of mind in a tiny, low-profile package. The all-new Cuff is the most elegant, unobtrusiv..

₱ 2,200.00

Peak Leash

The most versatile and quick-connecting camera strap in the world, the all-new Leash packs thoughtfu..

₱ 2,700.00

Peak Slide

The most versatile pro camera strap in the world, the newly upgraded Slide can be worn as a sling, n..

₱ 4,300.00

Peak Slide Lite

The newly updated Slide Lite packs the unrivaled versatility of Slide into a smaller package, perfec..

₱ 3,250.00

Peak Clutch

Clutch™ is the only quick-connecting, quick-adjusting camera hand strap ever made. Clutch™ gives you..

₱ 2,700.00

Peak Long Clamping Bolts

A set of 2 long clamping bolts for Capture (v2 models only), CapturePRO, CaptureBINO and CaptureP.O...

₱ 850.00 ₱ 520.00

Peak Anchor 4-pack

A pack of 4 of our newly updated Anchor™ attachments for use any Peak Design camera strap Anchor Lin..

₱ 850.00

Peak Anchor Links

Got a camera neck strap that you absolutely love? The all-new Anchor Links will make it even better...

₱ 1,300.00

Peak Anchor Mount

Attach your Peak Design strap (or any standard OEM neck/hand strap) directly to the bottom of your c..

₱ 850.00

Peak Pro Drive Screw

Attach any Peak Design strap directly to the tripod mount on your camera without using a Peak Design..

₱ 850.00

Camdapter Camstrap Small

The Camdapter CamStrap is made from quality leather and is perfect for point & shoot cameras...

₱ 2,000.00

Gariz Leather Finger Strap

Gariz Finger Straps are premium-built to exude luxury and class. This high-end looking finger stra..

₱ 550.00