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35mm Slides Kit for Light Blaster™

The Light Blaster team scoured the earth for interesting slides. They've went high and low, across v..

₱ 900.00

Circular 5-in-1 Reflector and Diffuser (42" dia)

The 5-in-1 Circular Reflector and Diffuser is versatile in the field and in the studio, providing sh..

₱ 1,200.00

Creative Backdrop's Kit

Magical forest? Futuristic city? Place your heroes anywhere in the universe with this amazing kit. ..

₱ 900.00 ₱ 450.00

Creative Special Effect's kit™

If you've been looking to do some creative mischief or on-model blastin', this is a great kit for yo..

₱ 900.00 ₱ 450.00

Light Blaster™

The Light Blaster™ is a strobe-based image projector. It brings you unlimited possibilities for crea..

₱ 5,300.00 ₱ 4,000.00

Meike MK320 TTL Speedlite for Sony

The Meike MK320 is one of the most popular compact flash designed for Sony that packs a lot of f..

₱ 3,900.00

Spectra Light Flash Diffuser

The SpectraLight Flash Diffuser revolutionizes that way photographers shoot with existing flash/p..

₱ 2,250.00

Xfiniti Color Correction Gel Set

Cosmetic Issues: Due to storage, the "Hardbound Faux Leather Case" has begun to crack. Please take n..

₱ 650.00 ₱ 520.00

Xfiniti Enhancement Gel Set

Cosmetic Issues: Due to storage, the "Hardbound Faux Leather Case" has begun to crack. Please t..

₱ 700.00 ₱ 560.00

Dome Diffuser for Canon 580exII

Once installed on your flash, the Dome diffuser creates a diffused "bare bulb" effect and also giv..

₱ 325.00

Reflector 7" dish

The 7" reflector restricts the lightbeam to within a certain degree of output. It comes with an um..

₱ 750.00

Easybox Round Mask

The Easybox 60 Round Mask attaches easily via hook & loop on all four sides of your Easybox 60 S..

₱ 480.00 ₱ 336.00