Transcend JetFlash 760 32 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (up to 85/25 MB/s)

Transcend JetFlash 760 32 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (up to 85/25 MB/s)

Designed with speed-conscious users in mind, the ultra fast JetFlash 760 is an affordable capless USB 3.0 flash drive that makes it easy to store, carry and share all your digital files wherever you go.

Ultimate Convenience

Using the latest Toggle TLC flash technology, Transcend’s JetFlash 760 features a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface with a read and write transfer rate of up to 85MB/s and 25MB/s respectively. Available in a wide range of capacities, the JetFlash 760 lets you effortlessly transport all of your favorite movies, music, documents, and more.

Simple, Sleek, Easy-to-Use Design

The JetFlash 760 features a lightweight, capless design with a USB connector that extends and retracts to provide extra hardware protection against dust and liquid spills. The flash drive comes in a durable body so compact it will not block adjacent ports on your device.

Simple File Management

Using the JetFlash 760 couldn’t be easier. Simply connect the drive to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port and drag and drop desired files to and from the device. The JetFlash 760 supports Microsoft Windows 7/8 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux systems, and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and older USB 1.1 ports.

JetFlash 760
  • Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities
  • USB 3.0 interface: read/write speeds of up to 85/25MB per second
  • Compatible with most devices with a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port
  • Includes free download of Transcend Elite data management software
JetFlash 760
Compact, capless, retractable design
JetFlash 760 JetFlash 760

Compatible with a Wide Range of Devices

Application is not only limited to computers. The versatile JetFlash 760 can also be used with any device equipped with a USB port, including TVs, Blu-ray players, DVD players, stereos, digital photo frames and games consoles. For these applications, additional software is not required; all media playback is handled by the device.

Free Download – Transcend Elite Data Management Software

For added value, the JetFlash 760 includes the exclusive Transcend Elite data management tools. The software can be downloaded and installed from the Transcend website for free after purchase of the JetFlash drive. With this convenient software, you can easily perform incremental backups, compress files with 256-bit AES Encryption, and much more.

JetFlash 760

Quality Assurance

Transcend’s JetFlash 760 USB flash drive is manufactured with premium quality NAND Flash memory chips and is extensively tested for performance and reliability.

Maximum Speed Comparison

  USB 2.0 USB 3.0
Product Number Read Write Read Write
TS4GJF760 32MB/s 5MB/s 55MB/s 5MB/s
TS8GJF760 32MB/s 5MB/s 55MB/s 5MB/s
TS16GJF760 32MB/s 12MB/s 75MB/s 12MB/s
TS32GJF760 32MB/s 18MB/s 70MB/s 18MB/s
TS64GJF760 32MB/s 25MB/s 85MB/s 25MB/s
TS128GJF760 32MB/s 25MB/s 70MB/s 55MB/s

Storage Chart

  Photos Music Video
  JetFlash 760 JetFlash 760 JetFlash 760
File Type JPG1 MP32 DVD3
4GB 1,952 photos 1,000 songs 1.75 hours
8GB 3,904 photos 2,000 songs 3.5 hours
16GB 7,808 photos 4,000 songs 7 hours
32GB 15,616 photos 8,000 songs 14 hours
64GB 31,232 photos 16,000 songs 28 hours
128GB 62,464 photos 32,000 songs 56 hours

1. Based on 2MB file size.
2. Based on 4min per song, 128Kbps quality.
3. Based on 2.25GB per hour DVD quality.

Storage capacity approximations are for general reference only. Actual results will vary depending on resolution, compression quality, video frame rate/interlace settings, and content. 1GB = 1 billion bytes. A certain portion of the storage capacity may be reserved for firmware and maintenance use.

* Note: speed may vary depending on the device and usage of hardware or software.
* Available in Frustration-Free Packaging and/or regular retail package.
Please see Transcend website for additional warranty details and limitations.

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